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Movement of Immigrants in America


We are the tens of thousands of members of the leading Immigrant Rights organizations in the USA, who have joined forces to change politics in America. We believe in building a country where everyone can grow up in peace, get a good education, and live full, healthy lives. We reject the politics of hate and stand ready to defend our families and our community.


Improve Your English Skills With Revolution English

Need help learning English? Mía is developing new tools to help you practice and learn faster! It’s called Revolution English!


Get Help With Your U.S. Citizenship Application

If you qualify, becoming a naturalized U.S. Citizen is one of the most powerful actions you can take towards strengthening our community and protecting your family!


Together We Can Stop Trump

Participating in this election is our civic duty. If you are able to vote this year, do it for all of us! But, you must register first–You can do so here:

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